*অসম পুথিভঁৰাল সঙ্ঘ*
The Assam Library Association was started in the year 1938 mainly by the personal enthusiasm of Shri Kumudeswar Borthakur (1893-1966), a man who devoted his life for the growth and development of libraries in Assam. He was fully assisted in the matter of public library services by Ayadhya Prasad Goswami, Benudhar Sarma, Tankeswar Chutia, Tirthnath Sarma, Suren Bharali, Purna Goswami, Harendra Nath Baruah, Lokapriya Gopinath Bardoloi and other political and social workers. By establishing this Association, Assam became the 8th state in country in establishing state level library association. After the executive meeting held on 16th July 1972 ALA became inactive till 1996. However, on 22nd February, 1997 it got revived with a full fledged executive council.